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You’re not going to have to deal with complicated jargon, we help you sort through the pump selection options to find the best pump type and solution for your goal. Our team of engineers has experience in all industries across NZ and the South Pacific, so give us a call, we can help.


We're your unbiased partner.

With the widest range of pump manufacturers and pump types so we’re not tied to any one brand or technology.

This means we only recommend the best products for your project.

You have come to the right place to see pumps online in NZ.


Consult us from start to finish

Our team have the experience & expertise to help you at any stage of your project.

1. Finding The Right Equipment

Our sales engineers are experienced technical people and can help customers across all industries, as they have a deep understanding of technical issues. Or we can just help with pump curves, flow rates and efficiency.

They will discuss your requirements and select the best pump or meter to suit your application.

We can source pumps and machinery from the world's leading manufacturers, to find the right solutions for your application.

2. Custom Built Solution

We can design a pumping or metering system to suit your exact requirements.

Some unique applications need custom designed systems to ensure efficient operations. Our engineering team can help you achieve:
- Trolley, Cart Mount or Trailer Mount
- Unique Base Plate
- Vertical Mount
- Surge Dampening
- Custom Paint
- ATEX - ExD
- Variable Speed / Pressure
- Dosing
- Metered delivery
- Complete package

3. After Sales Support

Customers are welcome to contact us for help with fine tuning their pumping or metering processes and optimising efficiencies. Furthermore a one of our team will be happy to call in to help next time they are in your area.

We sell quality products covered by warranties, so customers can buy them with confidence.

Our branches are in Auckland and Wellington and we have sales engineers in Northland and Blenheim but we are able to provide support and assistance across New Zealand and Pacific islands.

4. Repair & Maintenance

If your pumps or meters break down we can repair and return them to you as quickly as possible to ensure that your operation has minimum downtime.

We can also arrange planned maintenance and refurbishment programmes with you. Our workshop engineers can repair most brands of pumps, including those not normally sold by us.
Meters, heat exchangers and mixers are also areas of specialisation for our team


We Also Help With

Grundfos Spares

We carry a wide range of spares and accessories at both of our branches. We also hold specialised spares for critical applications.

Wilden Spares

We carry a massive range of guaranteed genuine Wilden parts for current and old model pumps.

Fault Finding

Issues with installations and pumps can be difficult to solve. Our experts have many years of experience and we are keen to help.


Pump & Machinery are able to help with sourcing accessories to help with installation or operation.

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