Case Studies

Advantage Progressive Cavity

Matt Gardner

As part of our Advantage Pump series we look at Progressive Cavity pumps.

Progressive Cavity (PC) pumps are also know as Pig Tail pumps because the metal rotor resembles the corkscrew shape of a pigs tail. The rotor sits inside an elastomer stator that seals using an interference fit. The stator is designed to seal but also to create cavities (see attached image of the cut away pump) that the fluid travels within. Giving the PC pumps all the benefits of positive displacement design.

More can be seen here:

Some of the advantages of PC pumps includes:

- Flow is proportionate to speed.

- Precise dosing or metering

- Continuous, gentle and low-pulsation flow.

- Large free ball passage (over 100mm)

- High suction capacity - Self priming

- Entrained air

- Multiphase and abrasive liquids

- High viscosity applications

- They don't vapor lock

- Quiet operation

The main issues can be the price and the floor space needed.

By changing the elastomers the pump can be used for many different applications, including:

- Petroleum

- Hygienic food and pharmaceutical

- Mining and quarrying

- Agricultural

- Waste water

- High and low temperatures

- Chemicals