Advantage - Sliding Vane Pumps

Matt Gardner

In the latest in the 'Advantage Series' we look at positives and negatives of sliding vane fluid pumps. First invented by Charles C. Barnes of New Brunswick, who patented it in 1874. First production designs were by Robert Blackmer. Sliding vane pumps are positive displacement pumps still made by the Blackmer company, among others. Pump & Machinery are proud to represent the world's leading sliding vane pump manufacturers, including: Blackmer, Corken and Tuthill (Fill-Rite).

Advantages include:

- Vane design self-adjusts for wear to maintain flow rates

- Excellent at self-priming, over 7 metres is possible.

- Extended dry-run capability

- Consistent performance and trouble-free operation

- Easy maintenance: vanes can be easily replaced

- Solids handling

- Thin to thick fluid viscosity flexibility

- High temperatures are possible

Sliding vane pumps are considered less suitable than other pumps for food manufacturing, high-viscosity and high-pressure fluids, and can be a little more complex to operate.

Whilst sliding vane pumps have found a niche pumping difficult fuels and gases they are also suitable for: high temperature fluids, chemicals, paints and oils.

To see if a sliding vane pump is suitable for your application give us a call.