Almost Certainly!

Matt Gardner

Is there a Wilden pump suitable for your application – Almost Certainly. But let’s look at the reason why we can say this in more detail.

Q – Can a Wilden pump my thick product?

A – Almost Certainly – In simple terms, if you can pour it then a Wilden can pump it.

Q – Can I pump my chemicals with a Wilden?

A – Almost Certainly – By selecting the correct pump body and elastomers thousands of chemicals can be pumped.

Q – Will the Wilden prime itself?

A – Almost certainly – a Wilden can vacuum lift upto 9.5 metres.

Q – Can the Wilden produce enough pressure?

A – Almost Certainly – standard models can produce 8 bar head, and high pressure models over 16 bar

Q – Will the Wilden run at the right speed?

A – Almost Certainly – you can infinitely adjust the speed by varying the air pressure.

Q – Does a Wilden last for a long time?

A – Almost Certainly – Pump & Machinery carry massive stocks of genuine Wilden parts and we have specialist trained engineers available.

Q - Are Wilden's suitable for use with food?

A - Almost Certainly - SS316 models are available from industrial specification to FDA compliant and upto pharmaceutical grade.

Q – Can the Wilden be dead headed – (e.g. down stream valve closed)?

A – Almost Certainly – oh okay YES

Q – To select the right model should I contact Pump & Machinery?

A – Certainly!