Matt Gardner

What is the AODDP Advantage?

With a bewildering amount of different types of pumps available, why pick one type over another? In this series we will look at the options and their advantages.

Air Operated Double Diaphragm advantages:

·       Versatility – The pump that can do just about anything

·       Self priming – So the inlet can be up to 8metres above fluid to be pumped.

·       Variable speed – For many pumps this can be an expensive option but with AODD pumps you just adjust the air pressure.

·       Chemical compatibility – Wilden pumps come in over 1000 different models that can be compatible with up to 1000’s of chemicals.

·       Dead head able – Most pumps will fail if you dead head (close a valve) them but AODD pumps have no issue.

·       Safe and Portable – They run on compressed air so no electricity is required and they can be ATEX intrinsically safe.

·       High Viscosity – ‘if you can pour it we can pump it’.

·       Sized to Suit – With sizes from ¼” ports up to 4”ports there is a pump to suits most flow requirements

·       Abrasive and Solids Handling – AODD pumps can be an excellent option for very abrasive or large particles

·       Hygienic – Wilden AODD pumps are available in Stainless Steel, hygienic configuration.

These advantages mean that AODD pumps are found across all industries.

We stock and supply: Wilden, Nomad & Graco. And we can also supply all other brands including AllFlo, ARO, Sandpiper and Versamatic

The potential downsides include their requirement for compressed air and pulsation in flow.

But contact our friendly team and we can help you pick the right pump for your application.

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