Case Studies

Backing Blackmer

Matt Gardner

This Blackmer pump was supplied to a very specialist customer for pumping kerosene . We selected a Blackmer XL1.5A , coupled to 4kw 4pole motor . The XL1.5-A can be run at variable speeds from 110 l/min down to 35 l/min. The 4kw 4pole motor running at 1750 rpm (potential 4.2hp absorbed power) 60hz is also sufficient to run at 870 rpm (potential 1hp absorbed power) 30 hz . We chose this pump because similar pumps at a defence force site have been running with minimal service for 20 plus years .

Particular advantages for petroleum pumping using a sliding vane pump, include:

• Ability to handle thin liquids (gasoline, ammonia, LPG, solvents, etc.) along with those that have viscosities up to 50,000 cSt
• Flow rates up to 2,000 gallons per minute (7,580 L/ min)
• Flow rates proportional to the pump’s speed
• High pressure in low-flow applications
• Lower overall cost of ownership when compared to centrifugal pumps
• A design that minimizes energy-robbing pulsation
• Dry-run and self-priming capabilities
• Excellent suction lift
• High volumetric efficiency
• Easy maintenance

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