Challenges & Choices

Matt Gardner

For each fluid pumping challenge there could be 100's of solutions. Even for simple applications such as pumping water you may need to factor in the following and more:
- Does the pump need to self prime - how many metres high
- Head pressure required - allowing for pipework
- What flow is required - does it vary
- Filtration requirement
- Hygienic - does the pump need to be food grade
- Temperature - fluid and ambient temps
- contamination - what is in the water
- Extreme elevations - South Island this could be you.
- Power supply - what is available, electric 1 phase or 3 phase, compressed air, sun, etc
- Efficiency - is it using excessive power - is there a more efficient motor available.
- Cost of ownership - longterm
- Control - how will the pump be turned on and controlled
- Space - will the pump fit the available location
- Environment - is the pump under cover, on a boat, etc
- Longevity - what is the priority, price or longevity
- Repair-ability - do spare parts need to be readily available
- Outside influences - does it need to be alien or earthquake proof
- etc etc

Oh..... and then once you have answered these questions, it is time to see which of the 100's of water pump manufacturers, has the best match to your requirements. Feeling daunted yet?

But if you application is more difficult than water.......

You can probably see where this is heading :-)