Clean and Simple

Matt Gardner

No need to pull the dirty water from the bottom of a tank, pond or sump. The Davey Floating Pump Inlet (FPI) can be used with either a submersible pump mounted to a custom moulding or to a surface mounted pump. The inlet is suspended from the sealed ball and can sit about 200mm below the water level, where the water is clean and debris free. On the inlet there is a a fine 1.2mm SS screen to reduce entry of fine debris. The hose PVC is tangle and kink resistant food grade that contains a bio-static compound to resist biological growth.
Provides the cleanest water and protects the pump and plumbing.

If you are using the Floating Pump Inlet with a submersible pump the Davey D42A/B can be fitted to the custom designed polyethylene base.
The FI-50 model benefits from an inbuilt brass check valve to help maintain pump prime.
Max 40 lpm
Inlet 1"
Temp - 1°C to 40°C
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