Case Studies

Design Enhancement

Matt Gardner

Fill Rite are the leaders in fuel transfer pumps, and they continue to make design enhancements to their FR700 series pumps.
Manufactured by Tuthill in Fort Wayne, USA, the FR700 series is respected for its rugged durability, and has long been a titan in the fuel transfer industry. Now, it receives another design enhancement to improve reliability, efficiency, and longevity in the field. The check valve, previously located on the outlet side of the pump, has moved to the inlet side of the pump, allowing the pump housing to retain fluid in the pumping chamber after use. Fluid retainment allows the pump to prime better than before. It also reduces dry running, ultimately increasing the life of the pump and wearable items like rotors and vanes. Rigorous engineering testing has indicated that having the check valve on the inlet side of the pump may reduce vapor lock in extreme weather conditions. Customers are now also able to access the strainer and check valve assemblies more easily, making field maintenance much easier for installed pumps with accessories.
Fill Rite a fuill range of fuel transfer pumps, suitable for farming, construction, heavy plant, haulage, industrial and aeronautical. Included in the range are AC powered, DC and hand pumps so if you need to transfer fuel give us a call.