Case Studies

Gear Pump Advantage

Matt Gardner

Our 'Advantage Pump Series' is back in 2021. This time we look at the advantages of gear pumps. Gear pumps are positive displacement pumps, available in a variety of designs, but there are two basic types: external and internal. External gear pumps consists of two identical, interlocking gears supported by separate shafts. Internal gear pumps have two interlocking gears of different sizes with one rotating inside the other.

The main advantages include:

- Compact and light weight

- Great for a wide range and changeable viscosities

- High efficiency (up to 98%)

- Cost effective

- Very low pulsation

- Limited self priming (seek advise)

- Low or high speed running

- High temperatures - over 300°C

The main disadvantage include:

- Noisy

- Cannot be run dry

- Don't use with abrasive mediums

Typical applications include:

- Petroleum

- Water

- Resins and Polymers

- Fats and Oils

Pump & Machinery offer a wide range of gear pumps and we stock pumps and parts for Tuthill pumps.

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