Case Studies

Juicy Nemo

Matt Gardner

Tropicana are one of the largest processors of Orange Juice in the world and they have a reputation for innovation. Partnering with a company, like NETZSCH, who has the same exacting standards and dedication to cutting edge solutions was necessary to meeting the challenges.

The juice, pulp, peel and seeds all require fluid handling systems that can efficiently process, transport, dispose of unusable waste as well as assist in the packaging of the final product. Whether it is the OJ product or the collateral waste, the sheer volume that is processed is enormous.

Unlike other types of pumps, Netzsch Nemo progressing cavity pump offers unique advantages for various juice processing processes. The NEMO® Pumps are routinely used for pumping fluids with or without solids, shear sensitive fluids, and fluids covering a wide range of viscosities. They also provide gentle handling and constant flow without pulsation which is especially important in juice production. The pumps are easy to maintain, and have additional features to enable the efficient handling of products with a high content of solids.

On the consumable product side, progressing cavity pumps are used in Pulp Stabilisation Systems. The citrus pulp is pumped through a heat exchanger/ stabiliser at typical rates of 50 gallons per minute at 600 psi to have the pulp stored for reintroduction into certain OJ products. The high pressure capability and shear characteristics of the pump, make it an ideal choice. The pulp is then sold internationally for use in other styles of drinks. Since orange peel is used for cattle feed, it is a product that has market value. Therefore it has to be processed and transported. Progressing cavity pumps are also used for the handling, processing and transportation of these secondary products and other disposable products.

The NETZSCH Progressing Cavity Pump used in the process at Tropicana for handling peel feed is an open hopper pump with auger and force feed chamber to increase the efficiency of the pump. NETZSCH used FDA compliant materials for the construction of this pump.

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