Lock, Stocked & 2 Smoking Pumps

Matt Gardner

Pictured is a small proportion of our Blackmer stock, held at  Wellington branch. Wellington carry a wide range of pumps and an even wider range of spare, our workshop offers an experienced repair service. Pump & Machinery have been Blackmer NZ agents for well over 30 years and the knowledge and experience we have amassed is unparalleled.

Blackmer sliding vane pumps are ideally suited for a wide array of markets, including chemical processing, energy, transport, military & marine, general industry, and oil & gas. They are designed to handle a range of low- to medium-viscosity fluids, including those at high temperatures, non-lubricating fluids such as alcohols and gasoline, and liquids that contain gas/vapor content or liquids containing suspended solids.

Blackmer offer an unparalleled range of sliding vane pumps, that include:

- 19 different series of pumps broken up into six different lines of pumps

- Sizes ranging from 1-inch pumps to 10-inch pumps

- Flow rates ranging from 19 l/per min to 27,800 l/per min

- Seal-less magnetically coupled pumps

- Stainless-steel pumps

- Bronze pumps for military and marine use

To see if a Blackmer pump is suitable for your application, give the specialists a call