Case Studies

Low - Shear Perfection

Matt Gardner

This low shear cheese curd pump from Packo will be on display at Foodtech Exhibition.
Designed specifically for pumping shear sensitive products such as cheese curd. The JEC ZL range of pumps are optimised for conveying fluids in the low to high viscosity range with gentle product handling. The ZL range provide innovative, market leading pumping solutions. The pumps can be fitted with a variety of features and rotors to adapt to almost all hygienic pumping tasks. The Heli-lobe design of the ZL560 (pictured) ensures pulse free pumping which helps to reduce damage to delicate cheese curd (or other shear sensitive liquids), which if damaged can lead to increased 'fines' which are lost to the whey stream, reducing cheese yields. Thanks to the ZL's extended housing the pumping capacity can be a up to a massive 12 l/rev - 3600l/min and up to 4 bar. 3A certified and designed according to EHEDG requirements.