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Multistage Multi Uses

Matt Gardner

Grundfos pioneered Multistage pumps and they are remain the largest manufacturer and market leader. Used across all industrial, municipal, agricultural and building services applications.

Vertical multistage pumps are used to boost pressure, while keeping the pipework inline. The cut away shown has 6 centrifugal closed impellers but 100's of variants are available. The Grundfos range includes:

CR    -  Cast Iron

CRE  -  Cast Iron with Integrated VSD 'E' motor

CRI   -  304SS - also available with 'E' motor

CRN -  316SS - also available with 'E' motor

Pump & Machinery can offer the complete range of Grundfos pumps, spares and accessories and we have specialists able to refurbish or repair pumps.

Suitable for:

- Commercial air conditioning

- Commercial fire protection

- Commercial heating

- Commercial water pressure boosting

- Biofuel

- Bottle washing


- Filling

- Filtration

- Wash and clean

- Industrial boiler systems

- Industrial water treatment

- Irrigation

- Water distribution

- And much, much more.

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