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Naughty Or Nice

Matt Gardner

Naughty or Nice

Pump & Machinery will be open for all our Nice customers over the festive season. Members of our team will be available to help throughout but the branches will be closed from Fri the 24th Dec and reopening on Mon the 10th Jan.

However this isn't the only comparison you can make with the festive season, for instance:

- We keep a list of Naughty (bad payer) and Nice customers.

- Our shelves are as well stocked as the Elves'.

- We deliver to all of the South Pacific and not just to chimneys.

- Our experience is a Gift.

- We are Wrapped to offer the best pumps in the world.

- You would be Crackers to go elsewhere

- Our range will Sleigh you.

- The don-KEY to reliability is quality - (particularly sorry for this one)

- You will Celebrate our service

- Our 3 Wise Men (and more) are happy to travel to you

- For Stable reliability of your critical pumps get them serviced here.


If we have missed any puns please let us know.