Matt Gardner

In 1899 Mr Blackmer came up with the sliding vane fluid pump, in 2021 we have Blackmer +Plus.

Pump & Machinery have been the NZ and South Pacific Blackmer distributor for nearly 40 years.
The Blackmer range has been extended, beyond just sliding vane, to include: Centrifugal pumps, regenerative turbine pumps, screw pumps and reciprocating compressors. And they are used in many specialised industries, including: Chemical Processing, Energy, Transport, Military & Marine, general industrial and Oil& Gas.

The Blackmer +Plus app is available for Android and Apple phones and tablets and can save you time and money by offering timely support and efficient maintenance management. It features the following:

The Workbench
- See all of your Blackmer pumps on a handy dashboard

Equipment Card
- From Workbench click on any pump to get pumps information

Document View
- Pump specific access to Part Lists, Specifications, Dimensions and Performance Curves.

Maintenance View
- Add or share maintenance event for each pump.

To find out more Blackmer and +Plus, call the specialists