Primed and Ready

Matt Gardner

This 6" beauty (maybe beauty really is just in the eye of the beholder) is an Axis STX-6 going to a dairy plant. Our customer has a couple of these Cornell / Axis pumps already, that have been providing reliable service for many years.
As a cast iron self priming pump it is ideal for waste water and large, soft solids handling.

Features & Benefits:
- Heavy-duty bearings with separate oil reserve
- Back-pull out design for ease of maintenance
- Self-cleaning adjustable wear plate
- Specialised sealing system
- Easily-replaceable suction check valve
- Shimless impellers

The STX series standard self-primers are a premium efficiency wet prime pump, that, after the initial filling, will re-prime in operation. STX series, in 2” to 10”, are designed to work as a drop-in replacement for other self-priming pumps but they offer efficiencies up to 8% higher than competitors.