Pumps for Dairy Tankers

Matt Gardner

Over 50% of the European milk truck fleet uses pumps from Packo, here is why:

The Packo RMO pump has been designed for milk tanker use, and has the following features / benefits.
1. Electropolished 316 stainless steel, easy to clean construction, no bacteria traps and no small clearances in order to clean the area around the O-ring
2. Pressed or investment cast stainless steel, robust design.
3. Large seal cavity to clean mechanical seal properly.
4. Cast solid bearing housing with pedestal suitable for hydraulic motor.
5. max. flow rate 250 m³/h - max. differential head 30 m - max. inlet pressure 10 bar - max. liquid viscosity 1000 cP - max. temperature 140°C.

6. Packo offer european manufacturered quality with very cost effective pricing
These great pumps are also suitable for use with beverages such as beer and wine