Case Studies

Small Airfield Fuel Dispenser

Matt Gardner

Our Wellington team and partners have done a great job putting this fuel dispenser together. The next time you see this skid it will be on an small island runway surrounded by palm trees and golden sands. Designed for dispensing aviation fuel on a remote island in the Pacific. It was essential that the dispenser offers rugged reliability and accuracy so the PMC Fuel Dispensing Skid Set offers:
- Liquid Controls M7 meter with mechanical register. (weights and measures approved)
- Corken PTH20 rotary vane pump, with hydraulic motor.
- Hose reel set with hydraulic motor and controls.
- Fuel grade hose and dispensing nozzle.
- Fabricated frame incorporating slops tank, drain valve, sight glass.

Hopefully we will all be able to visit the Pacific Islands again soon but in the meantime seeing this skid will just have to do :-)

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