Case Studies

'We Have A Problem'

Matt Gardner

'P&M We Have A Problem'
When our customer called to say that their chick pea elevator, for hummus production, was broken and they urgently needed to transport the peas, we found a solution. The weight of the chick peas was causing the Archimedes screw type elevator to jam and seize. The solution was a 2" Nomad air operated double diaphragm pump. Nomad pumps are air powered and able to self prime, even with chick peas in water. For this process it was important that the chick peas remain undamaged. Therefore we custom fitted the Nomad with Stallion seats and balls from Wilden to allow the undamaged passage of the peas.
The Nomad selected is 316 Stainless Steel, fitted with tri-clover fittings and of course fully CIP capable.