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What Makes Corken Pump

Matt Gardner

The pumps and meters that Pump & Machinery supply and service keep New Zealand and the South Pacific flowing, but what is behind the pump manufacturers. We are running a series on what makes leading pump manufacturers 'pump'. Corken,  based in Oklahoma USA is part of the IDEX group, based in Illinois, USA. Corken produces a very wide range of sliding vane pumps, turbine pumps and compressors for the gas,petroleum and chemicals industry.

Pump & Machinery had a few questions for Teck Yap (see image above), Regional Sales Manager, from Corken to help us get an in depth understanding of the structure and personality behind Corken:

Question 1: What can  you tell us about Corken -
 A: Corken was founded in  1924, Corken's exceptional reputation is built upon nearly 100 years of  maintaining the highest quality products and customer service. This combined  with a strong commitment to technological innovation has positioned Corken as  a global leader in compression and pumping solutions. As a leading  manufacturer of industrial compressors, pumps, bypass valves, and  accessories, Corken specializes in custom compressor and pump skids designed for liquefied gas transfer, liquid transfer, air boosting, and vapor recovery  applications for the process gas, energy, and transport industries.   


Q2: Teck, Please  tell us a little about yourself -
 A: I have been with  Corken for close to 30 years.  I started as an application engineer  servicing both domestic and overseas customers.  I move into  international sales role shortly after and also held several operation  positions within Corken.  Currently I am back in sales servicing  selected domestic and overseas accounts and developing new markets.   


Q3: What does the  future hold for Corken -
 A: The LPG market as a  whole is fairly mature and stable in many places.  The growth  opportunity is very limited.  This coupled with the worldwide pandemic,  we are facing many challenges just like other corporations in the world  today.
 USA has become net LPG  importer to an exporter of LPG.  With the increase LPG production, and  limited pipeline, rail transport is growing in USA.  Corken has just  launched a new product that is changing the way LPG is unloaded from Railcars  (   This presents a new growth opportunity for Corken.
 In this unusual time, we  are able to develop new markets in the industrial sectors to help with our  business to counter this tough economic period in history.

Future growth will  come from the LPG rail transport and cannabis extraction markets. 

Q4: What makes  Corken Stand Out? -
 A: In addition to our  product quality and innovative design, our knowledgeable people with a  passion to service our customers is our bigger differentiation from our  competitors. Our distribution partners, such as Pump & Machinery are  skilled with local expertise and stock



Q5: Where does New  Zealand fit in? -
 A: N.Z is  self-sustaining due to its geography, thus it features a multi-faceted  application spectrum, from foodstuff to paints. It is also a quality driven  market where our customers are keen for fit, form and function. We have been  particularly successful in NZ because we have partnered with the leading AODD  pump supplier.


Q6: Please tell us a  bit about yourself -
 A: I like to stay active  and love the outdoors. I like to play tennis, hike, jog and backpacking on  mountains and back-country when I can


Q7: Who in history  would you most like to have around for dinner -
 A: I would like to have  dinner with the 14th (current) Dalai Lama. I have read many of his books and  could use a lesson, or Two or Three on living a stress-free life.
 Q8: How does Corken help the community?
 A: Corken organises many events throughout the year to help the  under-privilege children and help feed the homeless families in our  community. Our employees actively volunteer in many community projects and  donate to care-drives.