What Makes NOMAD Pump

Matt Gardner

In the run up to the Auckland Foodtech Exhibition, now delayed until April, we are running a series on what makes leading pump manufacturers 'pump'. Nomad are part of the JDA group, based in California,USA. John Allen, the CEO of Nomad was previously president of Wilden® pumps, so unsurprisingly the Nomad pump range originally mirrored the Wilden® designs. Nomad are now a major AODD (Air Operated Double Diaphragm) pump manufacturer in their own right, with sales across 6 continents.

Pump & Machinery had a few questions for John about Nomad and there are a few others that help us to really get an in depth understanding of the personality behind Nomad:


Q1: What makes Nomad exceptional - A: We      are now the the largest provider of aftermarket diaphragm pumps and parts      worldwide.  We can offer after market replacement parts for most      brands, including: NOMAD, Wilden, Aro and  Warren Rupp replacement      parts.  We also have a complete line of diaphragm pumps in all      commercial elastomer and body materials.


Q2: Please tell us a little about      yourself - A: I began my career with Dresser ( rock      drills) and then became Wilden’s first International Director in 1982.      Wilden is the largest provider of AOD pump worldwide.  I rose to the      CEO position of Wilden and spent 28 years at Wilden.


Q3: How successful is Nomad? - A: JDA      GLOBAL has grown at 20 % YOY for the last 4 years, based on capturing      existing installed base. Forecast ( with virus) would be to maintain      sales levels in 2020 that mirror 2019.


Q4: How will you continue such      impressive sales growth? - A: Trends in growth including mining ( gold      and silver price increase due to worldwide economic uncertainty) , food      and beverage, along with pharma products and cleaning chemicals. 
     NOMAD’s ability to grow is based on its very competitive pricing      without any degradation of quality. We also feature rapid delivery.       “Tribal knowledge” of the industry assures that we are credible in the      marketplace.


Q5: Where does New Zealand fit in? - A: N.Z      is self-sustaining due to it geography, thus it features a multi-faceted      application spectrum. Foodstuff to paints. It is also a quality driven      market where the customer is a stickler for fit, form and function. We      have been particularly successful in NZ because we have partnered with      the leading AODD pump supplier.


Q6: Please tell us a bit about yourself      - A: On a personal note, I love to travel- all world options. I am      closing in on 100 countries visited. Further, I am a big music fan and      enjoy swimming.


Q7: Who in history would you most like      to have around for dinner - A: I would have to pick 3 people to have      dinner with #1 - Obama, who lead as the USA first African American      President. #2 - Thomas Friedman, author of “the world is flat”, to      discuss globalization. #3 - Carlos Santana, because he is……Carlos Santana      (guitarist for the band Santana)….he smiled at this point.


Q8: How does Nomad help the community?      A: Community is global, so we assist various campaigns led by our      distributor network- cancer drives/marathons, charity golf tournaments,      etc.