Case Studies

Why Wine

Matt Gardner

Another shipment of Packo 3" centrifugal pumps heading to the NZ wine industry (best wine in the world), but why are Packo ICP+ the ideal pumps....
The wine industry:
- Bottom fill large capacity tanks - upto 13 metres of head pressure
- Long lengths of hose for decanting - over 100m is common.
- Need a versatile pump, that isn't easily clogged
- SS 316 required
- Flat curve - High flows at high pressures
- Pumps need to be cost effective but long lasting.

The ICP+ 50-160 is ideal because it offers 70m³/hr flow at 25 metres head back pressure, so filling is quick. Packo pumps are made in Belgium and offer great efficiency. Pump & Machinery stock the pumps with specially configured dual 3" ports to suit NZ wineries.

These pumps shown, are going to be packaged with VSD's on heavy duty NZ made trolleys - watch this space.