Graco Process Pumps - Drum Unloaders

Many food manufacturers are still emptying barrels and drums by hand, this back breaking work is labour intensive and unproductive. Graco container evacuation systems (drum unloaders) solve this problem. They are designed with numerous built-in features to protect foods from contamination. Graco's piston pumps are built with sanitary flanges, quick knockdown connections and a FDA-compliant air motor shroud, making cleaning and sanitization an easy process. The unloading systems are equipped with a pump ram with follower plate and inflatable seal protecting ingredients from external contamination and bacteria, leading to safer operations over dumping and scooping.

Graco seals inflate to conform to the container type and shape, providing evacuation rates up to 99% by cleanly wiping down the container's sides. The inflating seals are capable of accommodating ribs and slightly tapered barrels designs.

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Graco Process Pumps - Drum Unloaders

There is no need to dilute materials with Graco's powerful bin and drum unloaders. Our pumps handle high viscosity materials such as peanut butter, frostings, toothpaste, corn syrup and heavy chocolate. (Viscosities up to 1,000,000 cps)

For system flexibility, you can configure our bin unloaders with either double ball or priming piston designs. Each is designed and built to fulfill your technical requirements.



Graco seals inflate to conform to thecontainer type and shape, providing evacuation rates up to 99% by cleanlywiping down the container's sides.


There is no need to dilute materials withGraco's powerful bin and drum unloaders. Our pumps handle high viscositymaterials such as peanut butter, frostings, toothpaste, corn syrup and heavychocolate. (Viscosities up to 1,000,000 cps)

Wilden Parts and Accessories

Wilden’s accessory products offer flexibility and value to your liquid process and expand the application range of Wilden pumps by complimenting the performance and specification of your pump. Wilden electronic controllers automate your Wilden pump for batching, and other electronically controlled dispensing applications and processes. By eliminating pump pulsation we can also create laminar process flow, or control the liquid level within a system or process.

Wilden Parts and Accessories

Features and Benefits:

  • Effectively dampens up to 70% of discharge pressure pulsation 
  • Protects against water hammer and associated damage    
  • Utilises the same standardised wear components as Wilden diaphragm pumps    
  • Self-adjusting to various system pressures    
  • Large solids capacity    
  • Configurable to meet ATEX II 2 GD X requirements

JEC Sanitary Twin Screw Pumps
  1. Why Choose a Twin Screw Pump?

The twin screw pumps offer a great feature that they can operate over a large speedrange. With this feature, these pumps can have a dual function in hygienic application pumping the product at low speed and the CIP fluid at high speed so No additional CIP pump is needed. Due to the design, the twin screw pump can deliver a pulsation free flow on low viscosity product (<1cP), volatile and gaseous fluids. Also as a result of the design these pumps are able to create a high vacuum causing the pump to be self-priming. The JEC twin screw pump is developed according the highest hygienic specification such as EHEDG and 3A and fulfils the utmost hygienic and efficiency requirements for the most delicate hygienic applications!

JEC Sanitary Twin Screw Pumps

Applications Twin Screw Pump

  • To pump structure sensitive products
  • Pumping fluids with solids
  • Multiple use, operate at low capacities with low RPM's and high RPM’s for CIP cleaning
  • For applications where high viscous products, as well as low viscous products need to be pumped under high pressure. 
  • Applications where you need a pulsation free flow

Packo Static Mixers

The Packo static mixer range is designed for the hygienic market. It comprises turning vane elements, X elements and W elements, all purpose built in the optimal length for your mixing application. These series contain the most applied mixing element shape in the world, which is the helical shaped mixing element.
It has unique characteristics and a proven track record. The element is retractable for thorough cleaning.

All wetted parts are electro polished and meet the hygienic standards according to regulation 1935/2004/EC and FDA.

Packo Static Mixers

VMS Series

  • Custom design to meet specific requirements
  • Robust and maintenance free
  • High mixing efficiency
  • Low energy consumption
  • Fast delivery
  • Easy to install
  • Easy removal and cleaning
  • Food contact compliant : 1935/2004/EC and FDA

Packo Hygienic Centrifugal

Packo Pumps is ‘the’ specialist in the field of stainless steel centrifugal pumps

Packo pumps, based in Belgium, is part of the Verder group of companies.

The centrifugal range includes industrial pumps, cast and fabricated hygienic pumps and pumps suitable for pharmaceutical use. There is also a range of bare shaft pump, suitable for truck mount.

Pump & Machinery carry stocks or pumps and parts, please contact us for more information.

Packo Hygienic Centrifugal

From 40³/hr up to 1800³/hr

From 2.7bar up to 21bar




NETZSCH NEMO Progressive Cavity Pumps

NEMO® Progressing Cavity Pumps (also known as progressive cavity or helical rotary, eccentric screw, pigtail or cavity pump) have a very broad application range and are used in all branches of industry for the continuous, pressure-stable, gentle and low-pulsation conveyance of almost any substance. One advantage for the operator is that such a valveless positive-displacement pump is also capable of transporting stringy material safely. Whether for sludge, chemical substances, adhesives, petroleum or yogurt, one of the many pump types by NETZSCH and a selection of engineered joints to ensure your pump suits your application. Contact us and we will be happy to help you select the perfect one! Netzsch NEMO pumps are often used to replace the equivalent Mono or Orbit pump but Pump & Machinery can replace or repair either.

NETZSCH NEMO Progressive Cavity Pumps

The NEMO® Progressing Cavity Pump in FSIP® design is available…

  • in various sizes for flow rates from 2 to 200 m³/h
  • for differential pressures up to 12 bar
  • in various materials, from steel to chrome-nickel-steel, various other materials on request.
  • with various stator elastomers, from highly abrasion-resistant natural rubber, to oil-, acid-, and alkali-resistant elastomers, to Aflas and Viton.
  • in S & L Geometries to be customized optimally to your application

…and conveys

  • substances with consistencies from runny to pasty, with or without solid content.
  • substances with consistencies from slowly flowing to non-free-flowing, with or without solid content

Wilden Drum Pump Kit

The Wilden® Universal Drum Pump Kit is a cost effective, lightweight and portable means of adapting your 1/4" and 1/2" Wilden AODD (air-operated double-diaphragm) pump to drum pumping applications.

The Wilden® Universal Drum Pump Kit provides a flexible package offering infinite speed and pressure capabilities, that also has the following capabilities:

  • The ability to dry run,
  • self-prime
  • dead-head
  • cost-effective
  • efficient liquid transfer.

Available in a variety of materials, it's compatible with virtually any fluid. From 5-gallon buckets to large plastic totes, the drum pump kit will minimize the mess usually associated with dispensing from large drums.

Wilden Drum Pump Kit

Compatible with: ¼" & ½" Plastic pumps.

Max. Flow: Up to 56 l/min when fitted to a ½" plastic pump.

Materials: The pick-up tube is available in Nylon, Polypropylene and Teflon® PTFE.

Applications: The Drum Pump Kit offers a cost effective, portable and lightweight means of adapting a ¼" or ½" plastic pump to drum pumping applications. The wide variety of pick-up tube materials means it is compatible with virtually any fluid. Contact us for more details.