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Electronic Terminal

Scully Electronic Terminal Systems

Provide Dynamic Self-Checking® overfill protection, as well as grounding verification for bottom loading terminals which load petroleum and liquid chemicals into tank trucks and rail tank cars. These systems control fills and eliminate spills of tanker trucks and work best with tank trucks outfitted with sensors pioneered by Scully.

Scully Electronic Terminal Systems

The most advanced terminal overfill prevention and ground verification system available.

  • The only control system that offers overfill prevention, static grounding, and vehicle identification all-in-one unit
  • The ultimate in terminal loading safety with a patented design that continuously monitors the relay contacts—for petroleum and chemical loading racks
  • Incorporates Dynacheck® Dynamic Self Checking® circuitry for overfill prevention, ensuring that every critical component is automatically and continuously checked for maximum loading safety
  • This includes the control unit, wiring, and sensor circuitry, and should a fault be detected, it signals a loading shutdown to prevent product from overfilling
  • Over 15 years of proven performance in the field—the number one choice worldwide

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