Treloar is sharply focused on providing the highest quality fluid handling products and services which offer competitive advantages in productivity, efficiency and safety to the petroleum, chemical and process industries.

For over forty years Treloar has designed, manufactured and serviced equipment used for the transfer and storage of hazardous liquids. Beginning with such basic components as Kamloks and nozzles in the 1950s, Treloar has become a major supplier to the petroleum and chemical manufacturing and distribution industries. During this time, Treloar has gained experience and an understanding of the regulatory framework under which these industries must operate. Treloar provides a unique combination of technical expertise and experience to end users and their service contractors for safer storage and transfer of hazardous liquids.

Fluids being transferred and stored using Treloar components include:

petrols, diesel, biodiesel, avgas, oils, bitumen, methane, LPG, CNG, iso-pentane, anhydrous and aqueous ammonias, sulphuric and hydrochloric acids, caustic, benzene, toluene, acrylates, hydrogen peroxide, naphthalene, sulphur, acetone, hexane, xylene, propylene oxide, styrene, ethanol, methanol, isocyanates, phenol, alum, cyanide, ink, fruit juice and milk.

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