Packo Pumps are ‘the’ specialist in the field of stainless steel centrifugal, lobe and twin screw pumps. Pump & Machinery carry a selection of the extensive Packo range.

Packo are a Belgium and South Korea manufacturer of pumps and static mixers. Very high quality hygienic pumps are their specialty but they also have a range of industrial grade pumps. Used in many hygienic applications such as: food, beverage, pharmaceutical, meat, dairy, wine, beer, laboratory, water treatment . There is a wide range of cast Stainless Steel pumps and pressed SS 316, all are available electro-polished. All pumps can be cleaned in place and some of the range are also specifically for CIP, or high foaming products. The range includes pumps for hydro conveying of fruits and vegetables and high shear pumps for mixing as they pump. Packo pumps offer features such as ATEX, CIP, SIP, EHEDG, AAA, Triple A, 3A, FDA, EU 1935/2004 EC, low NPSH.

Starting in 1975, Packo Pumps has designed and constructed stainless steel pumps for various industries with a focus on machine builders. Since this date, they have supplied more than 350,000 pumps, for the most diverse applications.

The first pumps that were developed by Packo were destined for the dairy industry, so from the outset hygiene and cleanability were a basic requirement for Packo Pumps.

The use of stainless steel and the standard applying of an electrochemical surface treatment (electropolishing), ensure clean operation. These are two factors that make Packo pumps stand out even today. Diversification and deepening of knowledge have led to Packo Pumps being a market leader in various sectors today.

Since 2015 Packo Pumps has become part of the Verder group. Together they employ 1600 people worldwide spread over different production sites and sales offices. In the factory in Diksmuide we manufacture industrial pumps and hygienic components. There is also an electropolishing division which gives their products a very high degree of finish.

In 2021 JEC, the South Korean arm of Verder, has been included under the Packo banner

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Packo Centrifugal and Side Channel Pump

The PACKO GFP challenges the laws of physics!

It is a known problem with centrifugal pumps: as soon as the pumped liquid contains more than about 8 % gas, a gas bubble builds up in the eye of the impeller and the pump loses its capacity.

The Packo GFP pump outsmarts physics. By placing a liquid ring impeller behind the centrifugal impeller, any possible build-up of a gas bubble is nipped in the bud by simply sucking it away.

In this way, our GFP pump can easily pump liquids with up to 30 % gas content. Would you like to know more? contact our technical support team to discuss your application.

Packo Centrifugal and Side Channel Pump

Max. flow 400 m³/h Max. head 30 mMax. product viscosity 1000 cP Max. motor power45 kW

Packo Hydro Conveying

The Packo VPCP pump is specifically designed for damage free pumping of vegetables. The Packo stainless steel pumps of the VPCP series are the reference in soft and damage free pumping of vegetables,potatoes, mussels, shrimps, etc. Traditionally vegetables are moved by conveyors but when changes of direction or height are required conveyors are expensive and costly to maintain. Hydro conveying involves combining the product with water and then pumping them together via pipework. In comparison to conveyors pipework is cost effective, adaptable and often maintenance free. Due to the fact that they have an extremely large passage and to its specially designed vanes they guarantee a smooth handling of your product.

Packo Hydro Conveying

max. flow rate 1000 m3/h

max. differential head 20 m

max. liquid viscosity 100 cP

max. temperature 80°C

impeller type special designed vanemax.

free passage 213 mm

max. motor power 55 kW

max. speed 1200 rpm

available frequency 50/60 Hz

Packo Static Mixers

The Packo static mixer range is designed for the hygienic market. It comprises turning vane elements, X elements and W elements, all purpose built in the optimal length for your mixing application. These series contain the most applied mixing element shape in the world, which is the helical shaped mixing element.
It has unique characteristics and a proven track record. The element is retractable for thorough cleaning.

All wetted parts are electro polished and meet the hygienic standards according to regulation 1935/2004/EC and FDA.

Packo Static Mixers

VMS Series

  • Custom design to meet specific requirements
  • Robust and maintenance free
  • High mixing efficiency
  • Low energy consumption
  • Fast delivery
  • Easy to install
  • Easy removal and cleaning
  • Food contact compliant : 1935/2004/EC and FDA

Packo CIP Pump


The pumps of the CRP+ series are perfectly 3A certified air handling pumps and are mainly used to pump a mixture of liquid and air. Constructed in thick cold rolled plate, 100% non-porous and extremely smooth.The pumps have open investment cast impellers, constructed in 316L or duplex materials. Thanks to its crevice-free design and electropolishing as a final surface treatment, the CRP+ pump series are perfectly cleanable, resulting in a reliable component for your production process.

Thanks to its unique air handling design based on a standard centrifugal pump, the CRP series are particularly suitable as a CIP (clean in place) return pump, as well as for unloading applications.They are used in the most demanding hygienic applications in almost all industries such as dairies,breweries, beverage industry, distilleries, etc.In pharmaceutical and biotech industry they are mainly used for CIP return applications.

Packo CIP Pump

Upto 105m³/hr

upto 7.5bar

3A hygienic


US Pharma

Packo High Shear Pumps

Packo SFP2 and SFP3 pumps provide high shear pumping. Designed for mixing applications they can replace or supplement static or dynamic mixers. High shear pump with open or closed impeller and patented stator for high flow and pressure. The shear is generatedbetween the rotor and an innovative and optimized perforated stator. The shear can be optimized and increased byraising the speed of rotation. Shear rates up to 100.000 s-1 can be achieved at a maximum speed of 3600 rpm.

Packo High Shear Pumps

80m³/hr up to 200 m³/hr

4.5bar up to 5.5bar

SS 316


US Pharma

Packo Hygienic Centrifugal

Packo Pumps is ‘the’ specialist in the field of stainless steel centrifugal pumps

Packo pumps, based in Belgium, is part of the Verder group of companies.

The centrifugal range includes industrial pumps, cast and fabricated hygienic pumps and pumps suitable for pharmaceutical use. There is also a range of bare shaft pump, suitable for truck mount.

Pump & Machinery carry stocks or pumps and parts, please contact us for more information.

Packo Hygienic Centrifugal

From 40³/hr up to 1800³/hr

From 2.7bar up to 21bar