D.J. Batchen Pty.Ltd. was established in 1965 by David Batchen, to provide a contract maintenance service for the chemical industry. Early in its history the company entered the LP Gas Industry installing tanks, pumps and piping systems and later on, manufacturing vaporisers and assembling and modifying road tankers. It rapidly came to be acknowledged as an industry leader due to the high level of expertise it developed in this demanding area of engineering. Using skills developed in the LP Gas industry it has also developed a metal fabrication business focussed on the supply of specialised products for the chemical and mining industries. Today, D.J. Batchen are mechanical and chemical engineers who have two major areas of activity: * A comprehensive range of services related to the design and supply of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LP Gas) equipment. * Medium scale metal fabrication, especially involving specialised welding and high pressure liquid and gas containment.
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Batchen LPG Dispensers

Batchen’s products are used extensively in the LPG industry. Please contact us regarding your requirements. More product details can be found on the Batchen website.