PUMAC Truckflo

PUMAC Truckflo are designed and manufactured by Pump & Machinery in Wellington New Zealand. The 50x40 model has 2" inlet and 1 1/2" outlet, it has been designed with the following advantages:

  • Ability to run at high speed to improve flow and head
  • Pump impellor supported on independent heavy duty shaft with double ball bearings
  • Pump driven through a flexible coupling with hydraulic motor mount
  • Hydraulic motor removable without disturbing the pump.
  • Mechanical seal is viton trimmed with ni resist waer face
  • Designed for use with petroleum
  • 2" table C suction flange
  • 1 1/2" table C discharge flange
  • Max 110psi discharge at 4000rpm
  • Max 360 ltr/min at 4000rpm

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