Davey have been a trusted kiwi faviourite since way back when. Davey offers a range of water related services from water transfer, conservation, treatment and filtration, but here at Pump & Machinery we focus on their industrial and commercial, building services and agricultural pumps and accessories. Their range of pumps includes:

  • Diesel engine driven Firefighter
  • Firefighter - remote start II
  • Petrol driven Firefighter
  • Bareshaft Firefighter
  • Dynedrive constant pressure
  • Floodfighter flood pump and drainage system
  • HM Water pressure systems - with Torrium 2
  • HS pump systems
  • XP and XJ water pressue system - Torrium 2
  • XF
  • Dynaflo
  • Dynajet
  • Dynaprime
  • CY and CS
  • DT KZN Submersibles (sump pumps) - double case - high pressure - grinder - waste - cutter and shredder - vortex
  • Shallow Well and Deep Well
  • Prime Jet
  • Mukmova Effluent Pump
  • General Purpose dewatering
  • Poly pump 2
  • VM series
  • Rainbank
  • Borehole

Davey Filtration is the high quality / cost effective option for New Zealand industry. The range of water filters and UV filters covers all applications from household, commercial, industrial to municipal.

Pump & Machinery have been the leading Davey distributor for many years, contact us for more details on the Davey solution.

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