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Emco Wheaton API Couplings

Emco Wheaton has recently enhanced their family of class leading API Couplers – the most comprehensive range of API couplers available in the market today. Each coupler incorporates a host of patented features, which will provide trouble free operation and will also ensure a clean, spill free loading rack. The couplers are approved world-wide and recommended by the world’s major oil companies, operating successfully in some of the most demanding environments.

Emco Wheaton API Couplings

Emco Wheaton offers the following couplers:

The J0451 - lightweight and maintenance friendly, allowing in-situ nose seal replacement. It includes a bevelled lip for ease of operation and provides better load distribution.
A number of improved components guarantee a safe, leak-free operation and easy, comfortable handling.
The J0451 API Coupler has superior sealing technology with three seal variants.

The J0452 - maintenance friendly, providing in-situ nose seal replacement. It has the lowest leakage on disconnect in its class and includes a bevelled lip and ergonomic design. This provides unparalelled ease of operation.The J0452 includes and optional integrated pump with filter element and has a wide range of spare kits available.

The J0453 - the newest addition to our range which takes all the features of its predecessors to a new level. It allows for 17% faster product loading vs. competitor products and for improved environmental and operator safety.The J0453 can be provided with an optional integrated pump to further reduce disconnect leaks. We also offer reduced weight, improved ergonomics, easier sealing and simpler maintenance with a range of service kits.

The Camsec Coupler is ATEX certified and is available with a French metrology approved check valve. It features beveled lip for ease of operation, High Performance Nose Sea, ergonomic lever and grab handles, SLIDE ON / PULL OFF connection. The Camsec Coupler is available with integrated check valve. It also features in-situ nose seal replacement, proximity switch and can be provided with a side or top handle.

The J0550 has a spring-closed poppet. Coupling to a tank truck vapor adapter with a poppet will open both coupler and adapter, remove the coupler and both will close.
Ideal for use in a well engineered vapor system where multi-compartment bottom loading is taking place.

Surelock couplings - The poppet is spring loaded with constant and continuous pressure which guarantees perfect tightness without product loss.
The variety of models, diameters and materials provide solutions for numerous applications.

Our comprehensive range of couplers are engineered to provide trouble free operation thanks to easy, quick connection mechanisms. By combining over a century of expertise with a culture of innovation, Emco Wheaton’s engineers have been able to create a range of products that are flexible enough to adapt to each customer’s individual requirements.

Relied on by the biggest companies around the world, Emco Wheaton’s quick couplers are specifically designed to maximize performance. They are manufactured to keep working even in the harshest, most demanding environments.

Discover our range of quick couplers below, request a quote or contact us for more information.

Emco Wheaton Dry Break Couplings

Emco Wheaton DRY-BREAK Couplers and Adapters are designed for total safety in low-pressure, petroleum and light chemical applications. Fluid cannot flow until the Emco Wheaton coupler has been locked into position on an Emco Wheaton Adapter and the valve opened. The coupler can only be disconnected from the adapter when the valve has been closed. Since product loss is thereby eliminated, possible hazards associated with leakage at disconnect are no longer a concern.

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