Unique Polymer Systems

Pump & Machinery are the New Zealand South Pacific distributors for Unique Polymer Systems.

Unique Polymer Systems (UPS) are a globally recognised supplier of a unique range of high-performance repair composite materials and specialist protective coatings for equipment, machinery, buildings and structures.

We offer unique solutions such as fluid flow equipment linings to corrosion protection for offshore platforms. Our unique solutions can be applied throughout all industrial sectors; Oil & Gas, Marine (ThistleBond), Power Generation, Paper & Pulp, Chemical & Corrosion, Water & Wastewater, Petrochemical & General Industry.

The range includes:

Metal Repair Systems

Ceramic Linings

High temperature & Immersion Repair

Underwater Repair & Coating Systems

Rubber (Elastomeric) Repair Systems

Composite Wrapping Systems (GRP)

Emergency Pipe Repair Systems

ThistleBond Marine & Pipe Repair Kits

Chemical & Corrosion Protective


Concrete Repair & Screed Systems

Waterproofing Membranes & Pipe


Unique Roofing Solutions

Protective Floor Coatings

Specialist Coatings

Thermic Coatings


ThistleBond Products

Surface Preparation Tools

Some the Typical Applications includes:

Cracked & leaking pipes

Tank seams

Cracked engine blocks

Stripped threads

Scored hydraulic rams

Worn shafts

Pump volutes & impellers

Valve casings

Tube sheets

Filter bodies

Transformers Liners

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