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Static Mixers

Koflo Static Mixers

Koflo Corporation was founded in 1983 with the intent of offering the highest quality static mixers at competitive prices and a family-oriented commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Made in the US of A, the koflo team pride themselves on service and quality. Through a constant dedication to these principles for over twenty-five years, Koflo has become a leader in the global static mixer industry.

In November of 1990, Koflo constructed its current manufacturing facility in Cary, Illinois, a far northwest suburb of Chicago. This unique location has afforded Koflo the ability to attract employees with a strong work ethic, and at the same time utilize the vast wealth of resources available from nearby Chicago.

In the ensuing years many changes have taken place within the industrial marketplace. One major change was the requirement of "just in time" delivery. In response to this change, Koflo increased inventory levels of both standard OEM mixers and individual mixer components. An inventory program was also created for a majority of our OEM customers with specific mixer needs.

For chemical injection Koflo specify injection quills based on application.

There are many different applications for static mixers such as: water, dosing, chemicals, petroleum, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, waste water, gases, etc.

Before we can select the right mixer we will need to understand your application and in particular: flow, pressure, viscosity, blend ratio, temperature, hygiene requirements, pipework and flange requirements, etc. Give the Pump & machinery team a call and we will do our best to help.

Packo Static Mixers

The Packo static mixer range is designed for the hygienic market. It comprises turning vane elements, X elements and W elements, all purpose built in the optimal length for your mixing application. These series contain the most applied mixing element shape in the world, which is the helical shaped mixing element.
It has unique characteristics and a proven track record. The element is retractable for thorough cleaning.

All wetted parts are electro polished and meet the hygienic standards according to regulation 1935/2004/EC and FDA.

Packo Static Mixers

VMS Series

  • Custom design to meet specific requirements
  • Robust and maintenance free
  • High mixing efficiency
  • Low energy consumption
  • Fast delivery
  • Easy to install
  • Easy removal and cleaning
  • Food contact compliant : 1935/2004/EC and FDA